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The benefits of reiki

Reiki promotes self-healing, and works through the whole being of the person; physical, mental and spiritual. You do not have to have a specific faith to receive reiki, however as with other therapies for example counselling, you have to be open and aware of any underlying issues which may arise, and be prepared to embrace them and work with them to change.

Reiki can be beneficial for a wide number of conditions, such as;



Emotional issues

Sleep problems

Physical health problems

Digestive problems

Help manage the symptoms of chronic illnesses.

You do not necessarily even have to have any specific problems; it can just help you maintain a well-balanced physical and emotional healthy lifestyle.

If you find that reiki is releasing emotional issues, and you feel that you would like to explore these, Sarah is also a Doctor in Counselling Psychology, and would be more than happy to discuss with you how she could work with you on a psychological level to work through the issues that have arisen.

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